Pay and Download Script

You need this script to use in your project for the commercial purpose, you may pay some amount to get complete script. So you can pay amount through PayPal and email us with PayPal payment details and script title to get it. We will back to you ASAP with the link to download complete script.

PayPal email id and amount to pay to get this script:

PayPal Id:
Pay Amount: $10 (For single script)

By paying us, you’ll get the following benefits.

  • Get help via email to integrate scripts in your project.
  • Allowed to use script in your project for the commercial purpose.



























(I) No refund will be entertained for the paid amount by any supporter through the online payment gateway. (II) No refund/cancellation of money paid via online payment will be allowed. (III) Once received, the paid amount will not be refunded to the sender. No cancellation to be made.