The importance of regular Website backups

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Website backups are one of the best guarantees for corporate or business owners to address virtual disruptions. The backup process is done by saving a copy of the website file to the external storage so that it can be recovered in case of data loss at any time.

There are so many things that can ruin, even delete a website file, whether intentional or not. To avoid major losses due to the impact of such damage, you must properly backup your website files.

Here discusses five reasons why it is important to back up a website file before this occurrence occurs:

Inevitable Mistakes
The fact that we can not avoid is that we as humans must have made mistakes. It could be that you incorrectly clicked a button while working, so accidentally deleting important files of your website.

Do not assume that your hosting provider automatically has protection and backups that can be accessed from your website. Most providers offer backup solutions as an additional package and are paid. For that, it is necessary to ascertain whether your web host offers backups or not, to make it safer for the future.

The website can be hit, Hack
Content Management System (CMS) is an open source platform that makes everyone have access to its code source. WordPress is one of the most commonly used open source CMS. When WordPress (or another open-source platform) updates their core files, the security gaps on the website will be closed.

But as it is open source, hackers can also see and analyze the possibility of new security gaps that can happen. These hackers can update their code and bots and attack websites that don’t make regular updates. If you don’t maintain a proper website backup and skip updating your website, then you are the perfect hacking target.

Computer Crash
Storing a local backup of your website to your computer’s hard drive is a good practice. But it has not been a good backup solution for you because the computer can be damaged at any time.

It is highly recommended that you have at least 3 backups of the website every day. You can do backups stored on local hard drives, stored on hosting, and also back up assistance from vendors like that help you perform backups on a regular basis. The update can be wrong
While we strongly recommend constantly updating plugins, software, and other features of your website, sometimes updating the core files can even make them corrupted. Because when you make an update, it crashes and the system makes it corrupted. Therefore, having a reliable website backup is invaluable.

We recommend that you learn yourself and practice implementing backup recovery so that you can calmly handle downtime problems on your website. Malware and viruses
Malware and viruses work a little differently from hacking and website file takeovers. Viruses like Trojan horses and other types of malware files like small insects that unknowingly infiltrate your system to make your website down. More than 1 million new malware devices are created every day.

Please always update the third-party applications, Thema, and plugins of your website or they can escape the gaps in your firewall. Having a file backup website ensures that you can restore the website to a state before your website is exposed to this malware disorder.

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